The problem
A core need for medical students and residents is the hands-on acquisition of pre-clinical and clinical skills, which is one of the most resource intensive endeavours in medical education (e.g. Anatomy, Surgery). Physical tangible resources and opportunities for such training are objectively inadequate due to the cadavers’ shortage worldwide.

There is a clear need for quality immersive medical simulation resources and episodes.

In order for surgical residents to obtain and therefore improve their operative skills and experience, it is best to learn and practice before and after patient encounter. Using tangible (3D prints) or intangible (AR/VR/MR) educational resources in these educational encounters we can achieve far superior immersion and support excellence in training and patient safety.

ENTICE Project Objectives
The project’s overall goal is to enhance the quality of digital learning in Medical Education, by creating experiential educational episodes based on specific learning objectives from the overall domains of anatomy and surgery.

Specific objectives

Identify methodologies and approaches for use of immersive and tangible resources.

Design and optimize a co-creational workflow for collaboration between educators and developers in experiential content creation.

Create education centric experiential resources.

Confirm all outcomes through multi-centric evaluation.

Optimize and exploit the efficacy and economy of resources to be produced.

Disseminate the outcomes in the wider medical community and industries.

Who can benefit?

ENTICE beneficiaries are many, some of them are mentioned below. 

Higher education institutions interested to incorporate the educational material into their existing curriculum.

Companies and external start-ups

The user base of the participating companies. This is a huge community of students and/or professionals that are interested in anatomy education.

Healthcare companies

A large and vibrant community in social media.

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