Associated Partners

In addition to full partners, Knowledge Alliances can also involve associated partners who contribute to the implementation of specific project tasks/activities or support the dissemination and sustainability of the Alliance. 

Names of the associated partner organisations Types of organisations
University of Eastern Finland (UEF) HEI (tertiary level – ECHE holder if in a Programme Country)
Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) HEI (tertiary level – ECHE holder if in a Programme Country)
Dikaios Oy Small and medium sized enterprise
ScioReality Small and medium sized enterprise


The associate network of the consortium includes 3 academic institutions, (2 in healthcare and 1 technical). It also includes 2 industry associates, (1 content creator and 1 infrastructure provider). An obvious role of this network is that of a secondary dissemination cluster proliferating the project’s results in their own dissemination network.

The associate network of ENTICE will be engaged in all steps of the co-creative process as consulting observers. They will be invited at key meetings of the consortium at all phases of the project and they are expected to offer a view beyond that of the consortium. The associate network will have representatives in qualitative research endeavors (interviews, focus groups) in order to provide a “project free” view of the landscape on which the co-creative process is being implemented. 

The associate network will receive the early release (as soon as WP3 delivers them) of the educational episodes. A note must be taken, that the associate network has been formed by companies and HEIs who have already declared their interest in the project. In that context, volunteered insights will be forthcoming and shall be included as qualitative indicators of the project’s outcomes.