ENTICE in the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances Dissemination sheets

This booklet drafted by the European Commission presents a short overview of Knowledge Alliances projects funded from 2014 until 2019. It gives an idea of the variety of domains in which innovative projects operate. A few years have passed, and an analysis of the impact of a pool of selected projects has highlighted the complementarity of projects and the synergies that have been consolidated throughout the years. The same kind of synergies that ENTICE foresees! This booklet is a useful tool for reflecting on the dimension of transnational partnerships such as ENTICE in education, innovation and research for the new programming period (2021-2027) of the Erasmus+ Programme.

You can find a 2-page summary of our project, containing our aims and goals, our approach and methods, as well as our consortium partners! Feel free to download only the ENTICE sheet here!

The full-200 pages report, can be accessed here!