Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)


The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) is the metropolitan University for southern Europe ( Its Medical school consists of 500 academic staff members, and 3500 students. In this project, AUTH will participate with the Office of Medical Education, the Lab of Medical Physics ( which lead research initiatives in Medical Education, the 1s Surgical Clinic at Papageorgiou Hospital and School of Rural and Surveying Engineering.

The Office of Medical Education is constantly attempting to offer re-structured and innovative ways of learning medicine. The Lab of Medical Physics is a major research and development hub in medical education and other relevant topics. In Medical Education, its main focus lies in exploring shifting paradigms in education and advanced immersive information technologies for implementation of novel and innovative learning modalities in healthcare education. The lab has participated in a number of relevant projects, e.g. DISCOVER (FP7), Millenium Hospital (Leonardo Da Vinci), WAVES, TAME (both are Erasmus+) and has coordinated the eContentPlus project mEducator ( and Tempus IV project ePBLnet ( It is currently participating in several Erasmus+ projects (AD AUTONOMY, DS Leisure and CoViRR).  In recent years, the 1stSurgical Clinic at Papageorgiou Hospital and School of Rural & Surveying Engineering has been successfully collaborating in research on use of techniques of digitization, modeling and 3D reproduction of diseased human organs (tumors etc) using a common 3D printer and digital image processing techniques.


AUTH is the only consortium partner that will be participating in the project providing capacities for both academic and technical implementation. In recent years, the Lab of Medical Physics has been involved in several medical education projects providing its expertise in contemporary educational methods (TAME, ePBLnet, WAVES) on an international arena. AUTH will offer its expertise (conventional learning, SBL and Virtual Patients) in the design of experiential learning episodes and extensive evaluation through embedding the latest to the on-going curricula delivery. Based on the collaboration of several departments (the Lab of Medical Physics, the 1st  Surgical Clinic at Papageorgiou Hospital and School of Rural and Surveying Engineering) involved in the project, AUTH technological contribution will be diverse. A) It will contribute from its position in leading semantic web and content sharing technological developments in the mEducator project. B) It will contribute through its development experience in the implementation of AR/VR/MR resources. C) It will provide its 3D printing infrastructure for the production of the tangible experiential resources (3D models). Finally, AUTH’s experience in successful sustainability endeavours like spin-out companies from EU funded projects will ensure the successful proliferation and exploitation of the project’s outcomes long beyond its lifetime.

Project Partner/Scientific Coordinator