Open Knowledge Foundation Greece (OKFGR)

Open Knowledge Foundation Greece (OKFGR)


Open Knowledge Foundation Greece (OKFGR) is the official Greek chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation International. The organisation has been established by a group of professors, developers, citizens and it is supported by a network of volunteers most of which are experienced professionals in the fields of Computer Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Journalism and Agriculture. OKFGR supports communities of multiple scientific disciplines and individuals with interest in the concepts of open data, open knowledge and the dissemination of open science. The organisation has hosted many events, including workshops, seminars, conferences, lectures and plenty of hackathons. The “School of Data” sessions in Greece are remarkable ones, empowering civil society organisations, academic researchers, journalists and citizens to use data effectively in their efforts to create more equitable and effective societies. 

OKFGR has successfully collaborated with many public administrations in Greece towards strengthening and fostering open governance and open data, through national as well as international projects and educational activities related to open access or the provision of technological know-how in developing core data infrastructure tools. A lot of initiatives regarding open data policies in Greece have been promoted by OKFGR. The organisation has been a major contributor to the Municipality of Thessaloniki Digital Strategy 2017-2030 as an editorial member. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)-application developed by the team of OKFGR has been included in the Municipality of Thessaloniki website to provide deeper information about the municipality fiscal data. OKFGR has also supported the Thessaloniki Risk Data Portal, a cooperation project between the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the World Bank. Moreover, three commitments of OKFGR have been incorporated in the Greek Action plan. 

The team of OKFGR has extensive experience and expertise in Linked Open Data and Semantic Web Technologies, Data Modelling, Data Analysis and Data Mining. The track record includes the first Greek Linked Open Data Cloud and the implementation of the Greek DBpedia; creating the Internationalized Extraction Framework, which also led to the establishment of the DBpedia Internationalization Committee. Many Greek LOD datasets have also been created by the team of OKFGR as well as the Greek Open Data Hub, the central repository of the Greek Open datasets. OKFGR has participated in several relevant projects, such as, providing a detailed overview of public budget and spending data as well as related tools, thus serving advocacy and fiscal transparency objectives. 


Open Knowledge Foundation Greece will bring its extensive experience and the infrastructure developed over the past years through its participation in major Semantic Web projects, such as the DBpedia, and the Greek LOD Cloud on the domain of Knowledge Engineering and Standardization. As an expert in semantic web modeling OKFGR will lead the effort for the core innovation of the project, the systematic knowledge engineering approach for linking education with the experiential features AR/VR/MR. The team will outline concisely existing taxonomies to semantically represent the corresponding medical domains in anatomy and surgery and they will also use and define UX taxonomies to link UI features with related user responses. OKFGR will use the Alignment platform, a tool for the collaborative Knowledge Graph linking and linkage evaluation that has already been developed by the team to be applied to the semantic linking of domain specific taxonomies. This will enable the linkage between specific anatomy and surgery Learning Objectives to the relevant TEL tools.

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