VILABS is a Greek and Cypriot innovation Hub, actively engaged with start-up ecosystems, universities and governments to jointly implement projects and help innovative start-ups on the first stages to either introduce a prototype to the market or to scale-up. VILABS is also experienced in monitoring and optimizing research results and promoting software applications with a high market potential. VILABS is active in the sectors of health, gender, social innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the extensive experience of its personnel it provides:

– Evaluation and Impact assessment services (using quantitative and qualitative data analysis tools), considering economic, technological, political and social parameters.

– Business services (business deployment, exploitation planning, early marketing) helping research outcomes to enter the market

– Entrepreneurship and innovation support services to scientists, technological start-ups and social entrepreneurs

– Training for start-ups to boost their potential for entering the market through the organisation of workshops and mentoring and coaching events.

– Management services (Project management, advisory services, budgeting and financial management)

VILABS is also a member of numerous Business & Innovation Centres, that support the development of innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs.


VILABS will undertake the Dissemination and Exploitation and will focus on disseminating project outcomes and creating sustainable roadmaps for curricular integration and medical education market penetration. In connection with WP2 will support the co-creation activities with the involvement of Medical Education start-ups that will provide the business and market perspective and potential of edu-centric immersive learning resources and tools. VILABS, acting as an innovation hub in Cyprus and Greece, is actively engaged with the start-up ecosystems and is providing mentoring and coaching services for start-ups to boost their market potential. VILABS has the capacity to support the wider exploitation and uptake of the project outcomes, maximizing the project impact by providing viable sustainability plans both  for the commercial outcomes as well as the scientific outcomes. VILABS has also the capacity of project management and coordination gained as coordinator in the following H2020 projects: Supporting start-ups to scale up and develop cross border connections within and beyond Europe: Startup Europe H2020 – IA 780738 Startup Lighthouse project, Supporting Digital Social Innovation: H2020-ICT-2015 688221 RIA CAPS SavingFood project and Supporting Gender Equality: H2020-ICT-2015 710549 CSA EQUAL-IST project.

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