Ready Set ENTICE!

Medical education is a challenging endeavor. Medical knowledge doubles every few months and doctors are struggling to keep up. The only way to keep healthcare professionals abreast of such rapid changes is through immediate and immersive resources. Virtual reality (VR) is already present in the operating theatre, in telepresence consultations, and 3D printing already helps doctors in several aspects, from seeing actual surgical targets to printing usable organic tissue.

These highly disruptive technologies have also been used in education. However, we are still near the peak of inflated expectations in the traditional hype cycle. A lot of material is created but it is still treated as novelty, a research item, or, worse, a gimmick. 

ENTICE [Evaluating Novel Tangible and Intangible Co-creative experiential medical education] aims to contribute in moving these technologies quickly past disillusionment canyon and into the productivity rise. Our focus is not so much on creating VR and 3d printed resources – there are plenty of these out there. ENTICE is currently creating a template based, educationally valid pipeline for first identifying learning objectives, then recognizing where there is a need for immersive and tangible content and, only then, designing immersive VR and 3d printed content. It will achieve that through the design and implementation of 6 high quality educational episodes that utilize VR and 3d printed resources in pedagogically sound ways.

What we present here is our starting point. Our small team of dedicated professionals have created, with practically no resources, small, simple, but educationally impactful digital resources for clinical skills development and training. We want to build on that foundation truly immersive experiences and create interactive educational episodes that will transfer knowledge everywhere, anytime, with devices ranging from expensive Mixed Reality headsets like the Microsoft HoloLens to inexpensive DIY solutions like the Google cardboard.

So, we invite you to try a demo of this previously developed resource directly ported from VR to a desktop environment and to see how visually simple experiences can teach crucial practical skills to healthcare professionals. 

Following the link below, download the file, un-compress it in your computer and mark our starting point. So…

Ready. Set. ENTICE! 

Download here