The ENTICE Kick-off meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece

The ENTICE Project Kick-off meeting took place on February 13th-14th in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The two-day event was hosted by ViLabs CY, Coordinator of the Project. The kickoff meeting initiated a challenging 36 months project, involving Universities and companies from different European countries (Cyprus, Greece, the UK, Finland and Sweden). The ENTICE Consortium had the opportunity to meet in person, become a real team, and plan its upcoming steps, securing the successful initiation as well as implementation of the project activities.

Short information about the Project:    
The ENTICE project aims to use co-creative methodologies in order to build a solid creation pipeline for medical experiential content bringing together a network of academics, medical educators and industrial content creators. These stakeholders will develop, evaluate and proliferate Edu-centric immersive learning resources and tools aiming to support well-defined learning objectives using tangible and intangible resources (AR/VR/MR, 3D printing) that are highly sought after in the fields of anatomy and surgery.

The ENTICE design, implementation and evaluation process will explore the effectiveness and efficiency of novel bespoke educational episodes that will be created within the Project, utilizing various delivery approaches. This analysis will be distilled into best practices for academic and industry stakeholders, providing an evidence-based approach to the content creation industries for the integration of experiential learning tools in medical education.